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According to Forbes Women buy 52% of all new cars sold in the U.S., influence more than 85% of all car purchases and are the fastest growing segment of buyers for new and used cars. All told, women have full or partial say over a staggering $80 billion worth of spending on cars. Yet there is a high percentage of women even the most influential and powerful women who've experienced a feeling of being disrespected frustrated and not serviced properly we do not work for the dealership we work for you we are committed to helping women experience us move favorable auto transition when it comes to purchasing or leasing a car we have revolutionized the process that women go through when purchasing a car by keeping the dealerships are honest you will receive a phenomenal deal because of our 23 years of experience you're guaranteed to save a considerable amount of time frustration and money.  

 The car industry is presently designed to confuse the consumer. The average car buying experience leaves even the most informed consumer feeling exploited! This industry has purposely-complex pricing structures. Manufacturer's stated retail prices, invoice prices, exuberant interest rates and add on prices are not fully disclosed. This lack of information limits the bargaining power of the consumer. Womens Auto Connection is a premiere nationwide independent automotive consultant with 23 years of automotive experience! We believe visiting a dealership without representation is not in your best interest. Car salesmen are trained professionals with one thing in mind, MAKING THE MOST MONEY! Our knowledge and expertise prevents that. It is for this reason that Womens Auto Connection was created. Our company provides consumers with an alternative to the present state of the car industry. We negotiate at the lowest price and interest rate for each one of our clients! We have the necessary time, technology and expertise to monitor the purchase of your next vehicle, with the diligence required to maximize Your savings. Most importantly, we are constantly reviewing dealer cost & passing those savings on to you. We work with all makes and models new and used. We assist in all 50 states. We look forward to assisting you in getting you the car you deserve.

It is for this reason why we have established our "NO UP FRONT" application policy, through our "CREDIT FREE CARS" program. Our team, which is comprised of "FINANCE EXPERTS", that is here to PROTECT YOUR CREDIT SCORES" until you say, "I GOT WHAT I WANTED"

We will walk you through the entire process, providing you with:

  •  Your desired vehicle,
  •  Great monthly payments, 
  •  Correct interest (Based on your credit) 
  •  Lowest down payment (If any)


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NEW Radio Show

WOMEN'S AUTO CONNECTION has joined forces with "Kevin Nash, host of KJLH radio show" to host our own show on Accelerated Radio Network. Mr. Nash is one of the top radio personalities in the country owned by Stevie Wonder.

Our airs LIVE every week on Thursdays from 12:00 noon PST to 2 pm PST, and is dedicated to educating women about the automotive industry as well as other business topics.



Purchasing Programs

We have purchasing programs to suit everyone's needs. No matter what you're looking for you're sure to find it here.


Credit-Free Cars


Purchasing a car just became easier than ever. We are proud to announce our incredible program called "Credit Free Cars."


Sell Your Car!

Why wait? We have buyers standing by waiting for you!! We can connect you with potential buyers ready to pay cash.


Lower Your Car Payments

This service was designed to help you modify your payments and or your interest rate down so that it may be more affordable for you to pay your monthly payments.



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Why Women are the most powerful auto shoppers...